MobileMeetup Talk: GLKit Demo

This past week I had the awesome opportunity to present a demo on beginning OpenGL ES 2.0 development on iOS at the Motion Theory-sponosred MobileMeetup.

The code from the talk is here: GLKitDemo

The main thesis of my talk was that since OpenGL is hard to learn, Apple's GLKit framework is a great resource, because you can use it to defer learning certain parts of OpenGL while you focus on other parts.

For example: in the GLKitDemo code, I didn't write any OpenGL functions to handle the framebuffer or texture loading. GLKViewController encapsulates the framebuffer, and GLKTextureInfo encapsulates the texture loading. As a result, the OpenGL code it contains focuses only on loading vertices and texture coordinates, using an OpenGL program and shader (in this case encapsulated within Jeff Lamarche's GLProgram), and drawing the scene.

I tried to comment the code pretty well, so I think it's probably decent getting-started code to supplement other tutorials.

The best resource I've found for this type of learning path is Learning OpenGL ES for iOS: A Hands-On Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming, since it does a great job of explaining what exactly is going on within the GLKit classes.



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