Altconf Talk

At this year's Altconf, I gave a talk about using VoiceOver on iOS and developing accessible apps.

Check out the video here!

It was my first trip to WWDC and Altconf, and it was a great experience to be a part of the community + events. Not to mention wine tasting in Napa 👠ðŸ·.

'Voiceover is Awesome' Altconf Talk

My talk seemed to be well-received. Accessibility in apps is really important and is often overlooked because of timeline and budget constraints. From the responses and questions I heard it is clear that people do want to follow best practices here. The problem is that best practices can be difficult to understand and remember if you're not a frequent VoiceOver user.

My main goal in the talk was to help solve that problem -- to provide a resource that:

a) Lays out some basics so that devs can understand VoiceOver
b) Humanizes the users of VoiceOver so devs feel more connected to the process and the goals of creating accessible apps



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